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‘You know that moment, when your in a Yoga class and they start with OM, and your thinking OMG I’v got to join in? Well Endo Warrior Queens is all about taking that leap of faith and joining in with the OM of life to discover your own inner warrior so you can lead an authentic life full of wellbeing, self love and happiness and most importantly pain free!.’



me me meMy name is Bridie, and I am a lover of all things innovative (bit of a science geek), beautiful, kind and creative (how hippy dippy does that sound!). I am currently working to heal my own chronic illnesses by learning and applying Ayurveda to my life which has lead me to starting this business. After many months of umming and arring I decided to leave my job and set up Endo Warrior Queens, to help empower fellow Endometriosis and Adenomyosis women and their loved ones with the latest research, news and promote and support our own healing journeys.

My Story

I’ve had a long old journey with endometriosis & Adenomyosis over the years (17 years). This journey has lead me to have 4 operations, 1 trip in an ambulance, 1 induced menopause, countless different hormone treatments and in the most recent years a hysterectomy looming over me. Although there’s no cure (well not yet ladies), a plant based diet and yoga is what saved me and made me able to live a life free from strong pain killers (I was on morpheme for a year! a whole fricken year!). Now I still have my bad days no matter how many downward dogs I do, where only an epsom salt bath and my heat pad are all I can bring myself to do (praise the lord for PJs!). My aim via The Wellbeing Warrior is to share my story and that of other lades, blog the latest endo and adeno research (education is key!) and deliver you a beautiful box of healing, wellbeing and self love goodies to your door every month to help you on those bad days and let you know your not alone. 

I have two first class degrees within the field of education, and I am passionate about education and giving people the tools to heal themselves and live a full, pain free and healthy life (in mind and body). This amazing journey has taken me to India to study  Ayurveda, Glastonbury to study the foundations of yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga and now soon to be off to Bali to complete my Yoga Teacher training.


The Endo Warrior Queens Ethos

I am passionate that all my services and products are organic, cruelty free, eco friendly and vegan! Yes! you heard right all of those wonderful things all wrapped up in our ethos and not to mention its also our ethos that everything looks gorgeous, just because its good for you doesn’t mean it has to be wrapped up in brown paper!

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