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What is it? The Endo Warrior Supplies Box is a gift box which is designed by Endo Warriors for Endo Warriors. They make the perfect gift for yourself (we are big on promoting the self love) or you may know someone who has endo surgery coming up or needs some self love, healing and endo wellbeing delivered to their door. We also like the idea which a fellow endo sister came up with, which was to buy one and donate it to your local food bank or womens shelter (so much love for this!) I personally, will be doing this once a month to my local one in Dorset.

Whats Going To Be Inside? Each box will include essential endo and adeno supplies: note book and pen, healing tea, organic bespoke candle made in collaboration with Organdle, endo bracelet, something warm and cosey, something for you home, and a treat from Neals Yard Organics range and more surprises!

Will you Ship World Wide? Hell yes! I want to help endo & adeno sisters around the world. Just pop me a message before hand if you live outside one of the following countries and I will calculate the cost and update the shipping for you: UK, EU, USA, Canada

When Can I Get One? The gift box will be ready in the New Year, so watch this space. Click below to sign up to the Endo Warriors newsletter and receive 10% off your first purchase, you will also be guaranteed not to miss out on the launch.

How Much Will It Cost? The Endo Warrior Box is going to cost £40 plus P&P.

Can I Buy One For A Friend or Family Member? Yes of course, and how lovely. If you would like to write a card from yourself and put it inside the box, just pop me a message using the comments page form and I will write this out for you and include it in. Also if you would like it delivered to a different address to your own, just update this at check out or send me a message using the form on the contact page.

Who is running The Endo Warrior Supplies? It is currently a one women show. Yep thats me in the picture in the about page. My name is Bridie and I set up The Endo Warrior and the Wellbeing Warrior business this year after realising I needed to find a new path in life which means I can manage my endometriosis and adenomyosis and create a life true to my hearts song. The Endo Warrior Supplies gift box is my way of sending out love and putting an arm round my fellow endo sisters, as I know just how lonely, scary, anxious and frightening it all can be. But remember you are not alone, there is support groups out there and a huge and amazing international network of Endo Warriors who are by your side. You got this! x

Sending strength and wellbeing

Bridie A.K.A The Wellbeing Warrior x

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